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Maintaining the exterior components on your car, truck, or SUV is very important and bumper seals are not an exception to this rule. Over time due to being exposed to the elements they will wear or crack and require replacement. In some situations they may deteriorate and become unsecured from the vehicle and require removal. This presents a huge negative impact of the overall appearance and value of the automobile. These devices are primarily cosmetic, but they are functional as well. When these components are defective or missing an ideal environment is created for water and debris to enter and develop into corrosion issues. Replacing worn or damaged bumper seals is essential to maintaining the overall condition of the car or truck appropriately.

Bumper seals form a barrier between the bumper and body panel components enhancing the appearance of the exterior of the vehicle. They are constructed utilizing various materials and designs to meet application requirements. In some situations they are added to accent the bumper to create a custom look. They are also incorporated to prevent the accumulation of water and debris behind the bumper assembly. This concept plays a key role in rust prevention as well. Replacing these components during the completion of a restoration project is very important to obtain the originality.