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Ford Camber & Caster Bushing

The Ford Camber Bushings and Caster Bushings are components in the front end of your vehicle where the alignment of your front tires is made. The proper alignment of your tires where they meet the road is required not only for the warranty on your tires to be valid but also for the longevity of the tires as you roll down the road in your Ford.

Unlike most other bushings on your Ford the caster and camber bushings are not made out of a polymer but rather brass, bronze or another soft metal. The reasoning behind using this softer type of metal in their construction is so the camber and caster bushings will wear out over time instead of the camber strut they are fitted into. This not only makes it possible to adjust the alignment of the front tires but also less expensive when the bushing wears out and replacement is warranted.

To know if the Ford caster bushings are worn out the tires should be inspected for an unusually wear pattern on them where they met the road. There will be a wave type pattern that indicates the tires are moving side to side instead of straight down the road. Your Ford vehicle might also experience the pulling to one side or the other instead of going straight down the road. If either of these conditions are experienced then an inspection and more than likely replacement of the caster and or camber bushings will be done to remedy the alignment problem with your vehicle.

The camber and caster settings on the front end of your vehicle are the positions of the spindle. They are how much the top of the spindle is off set from the bottom in both vertical and horizontal directions.

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