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Camber Strut

Aftermarket & OEM Camber Strut

When a bent camber strut is on the front of your vehicle, the angle of the tire on the road will be incorrect and premature wear of the tire will be occurring with each mile the vehicle is driven. This suspension component can be bent when the tire hits an obstruction in the road and a large amount of force is amplified into the wheel assembly. The bushings in the camber strut can also wear over time causing the wheel to vibrate that the operator can feel in the steering wheel. This wear is caused by the movement of the front wheel assembly when the vehicle is in motion.

Most camber struts are just a simple bar with bushings at both ends so it can be mounted to the lower wheel hub and the frame or other section of the suspension system. The purpose of this component is to keep the camber as it is set when the strut is compressed and expands when an obstacle is encounter by the vehicle. Without the metal camber strut in place, the lateral movement of the wheel in relationship to the road's surface would change when the vehicle is being maneuvered and the weight of the vehicle shifts.

To replace a worn camber strut requires the vehicle to be lifted into the air so no weight is on the front suspension system. There will be a stud or bolt that passes through each end of the camber strut that has to be removed for this component to be taken off the vehicle. Once removed, if the strut is bent, look for damage to other suspension and steering components in the vicinity you are working.