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Camshaft bearings are meant to last the life of the engine but there are a few situations you can may across where you may need to replace them. One of the reasons you may need to replace them is if you accidentally run your engine with low oil levels, which can cause the part to fail. Running the engine with contaminated oil can also result in the part going bad. Another reason you would replace the camshaft bearings is if you are rebuilding your engine, these should always be replaced if that is the case.

The camshaft bearings are usually made out of a tin and lead based metal called babbitt. Babbitt is a soft, slippery material that does an excellent job of withstanding particle contamination and less than ideal lubrication on engine start-up. On performance engines, which operate at higher temperatures, the camshaft bearings used are usually made out of aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy is much stronger than babbit and can withstand higher loads. The trade off with using the harder aluminum alloy, over the softer babbitt, is that it is less forgiving in regards to contamination.

If you are planning on replacing the camshaft bearings on your engine there are special tools available to help in the removal and installation process. After you have removed the original bearings, before proceeding with installation of the new ones, you need to make sure the engine block is totally clean and dry. If it is not, any dirt or foreign particles will cause bearing deformation and reduce oil clearance. Applying a thin coat of lubrication oil to the parts will help prevent rusting. Installation of the new camshaft bearings should be done from the rear to the front of the block. Make sure the block oil hole is aligned properly with the bearing oil hole and to allow the proper bearing to cam clearance. On stock engines the minimum clearance should be 0.002 inches and 0.003-0.004 inches in high performance engines.

So whether they have gone bad or you are just rebuilding your engine, proper camshaft bearing selection, sizing, and alignment plays a critical role on engine longevity and performance. With Car Parts Discount large selection of reputable brands and guaranteed low prices you can be sure you are getting a great part at the best price anywhere. Pick up the phone and let one of our friendly customer service representatives help you select the perfect camshaft bearing for your needs.