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Aftermarket & OEM Camshaft Bore Plug

If the engine on your car or truck is operating normally and you are required to add oil to it on a regular basis you may have a camshaft bore plug that is leaking oil. You should conduct a thorough visual inspection of the camshaft caps and plugs to identify signs of oil passing through them. If oil or residue is present then they should be replaced immediately to avoid more serious issues from developing. Maintaining the appropriate oil level is required to maintain sufficient oil pressure to protect internal engine components. Oil leaks create a source for oil to escape the engine assembly reducing the effectiveness of the lubrication process. Camshaft bore plugs contain the oil within the upper cavity of the cylinder head and are essential for valve lubrication.

Camshaft caps are utilized to seal the camshaft bore holes containing oil within the upper cavity of the cylinder head assembly to accomplish the valve lubrication process. Camshaft bore holes are required to facilitate camshaft installation and adjustments. The plugs are constructed of several different materials determined by the design of the motor. In some circumstances they are as simple as a plastic cap with a rubber O-ring completing the seal. They can be a metal or plastic cap that is threaded. They can also be made out of metal and be pressed in similar to a freeze plug.

Removing and replacing camshaft bore plugs and caps can take as little as five minutes or hours depending on the design and accessibility involved in the task. In some situations you may be required to remove the valve cover to accomplish this procedure. If they are caps with an O-Ring they might just pop out using a screwdriver. If they are threaded they can normally be unscrewed using a screwdriver.

When obtaining replacement camshaft bore plugs they must be OEM and specific to the motor they are being installed on. They accomplish a vital function and must be high quality products that you can depend on. Car Parts Discount only sells high quality parts that you can depend on to complete quality repairs on your vehicles. They also provide an excellent customer experience that you can appreciate.