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Camshaft Oiler Kit

Aftermarket & OEM Camshaft Oiler Kit

The need for a camshaft oiler kit is when the connections and tubing on your engine are particle clogged or are leaking motor oil. Most of these components are made from a polymer and are known for being prone to leaking. The leaking is caused by the heat being generated by the engine that weakens the existing structural integrity of the components on the engine. When the components in the old camshaft oiler kit are leaking, the correct amount of lubricant is not reaching the cam shaft which will cause it to prematurely wear. The leaking oil is a fire hazard that has to be addressed.

Most of the camshaft oiler kits now being put on vehicles today is constructed of a rigid polymer composite material. The components are hollow with a nipple on one section that fits into the engine block. There is a fitting for each end of the cam shaft and on select models with a bearing in the middle of the cam; there is another fitting so it too can be provided with a fresh oil supply to help keep it lubricated. The camshaft oiler kit can be an aftermarket times, but many models today already have them in place when they roll off the production line.

To replace the old camshaft oiler kit with new components requires that the engine be cooled off so the oil in the lines will not be hot. This cooling will also make it easier to pull the connecting plugs in this kit from the engine block. The camshaft oiler kit only provide the tips and nipples so remember not to damage the connecting tubing when removing the old ones because they will have to be reused when reassembly accomplished.