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Most drivers will not know that when they see an oil leak coming from the top of their engine, near the timing cover, that their camshaft seal or seals may be ruptured. These O-rings are responsible for keeping lubricant inside the case and galley where your camshaft rotates. This oil keeps the shaft and lobes just lubricated enough so that the constant metal on metal contact does not wear the shaft down too quickly. Yes, eventually the bearings should be replaced after many thousands of miles, but it can be a more common occurrence to inspect and replace the old camshaft seals with new ones - even if they do not present any evidence of leaking. This usually happens during a timing belt replacement, as the timing cover has already been taken off after a quite lengthy procedure. It only makes sense to inspect and swap out all the other small parts and rubber or composite seals that may be prone to failure after tens of thousands of miles. Don't overlook these vital components if you are looking to perform a timing belt or head gasket replacement.

Since the early days of the internal combustion engine, valves have been used inside the combustion chamber to regulate the stroke cycles (intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust). These valves need to be depressed and released at exact moments in order to optimize engine efficiency. This job is performed by the camshaft, which usually resides inside the head or the block. The camshaft is made from forged or billet metal, and must be properly lubricated as it revolves along with the rest of the engine. Your camshaft seals, located at the front or rear of the shaft, keep a small amount of oil inside the galley so the camshaft doesn't wear out prematurely. The camshaft seals are dense rubber O-rings that are designed to withstand high pressure and heat, and will typically last about 100,000 miles.

Replacing your camshaft seals is usually done as a preventative measure when your timing belt is being changed. Opening the timing cover requires you to remove and disconnect many other engine components, so it is advantageous to perform as many maintenance procedures as possible while you are looking at your timing components. There are special tools that you can use to make this procedure easy while protecting your engine from gouges and scratches. Don't use screwdrivers, hammers, and/or brute force to change your camshaft oil seals.

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