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A part on your car or truck you never really pay too much attention to or even notice is the automotive carpet inside your vehicle even though you're stepping on it every second you're in your vehicle. Having a faded or dirty interior will obviously ruin the appearance of your vehicle but it will also lower the value of your car or truck. It is made to stand up to all the dirt and moisture you drag from the outside into the car but with enough time it can and will start to fade and wear out. Another reason you might want to replace it is if you are in the process of restoring an old vehicle or looking to customize a newer automobile. Plus think about what the interior of your vehicle would look like without it, you would be able to see the metal floor pans and they would be exposed to all the elements, which could lead to rust. It not only covers and protects the floor pan but also helps reduce the noise and vibration caused while driving down the road. Replacing your old, dirty and faded carpeting with a new one will give your interior that new car look and feel.

When looking to replacing your interior carpeting, one of the first things, besides the color, that you will need to decide on is the material it is made out of. It will usually be made from one of three materials.

  • Cut Pile - Material is looped through the backing and then cut, giving it a softer feel. This is the most commonly used material in modern vehicles.
  • Loop Pile - Material is looped through the backing forming small loops. This was used in vehicles from the 50s through the 70s.
  • Essex - Similar to the cut but the material is left longer which gives it fuller and thicker feel.
The next decision you would need to make is if you want it pre-molded to fit your vehicle or a universal type of carpet. The pre-molded one is a lot easier to install as it is custom fitted for your vehicle and something you should be able to install yourself. The universal one would require professional installation by an upholstery shop as it would needs to be trimmed and fitted to go over your floor pans bumps and ridges.

When replacing your interior carpet you can have it professionally done or you can save yourself some money and do it yourself. Before you can actually remove your old one you will first need to remove a couple of other parts. You will need to remove all the seats and seat belts. The front seats and seat belts can be removed by unscrewing a few bolts. The back seat is either going to be bolted down or held in place with a latch. You will also have to remove some trim pieces like the sill plates and kick panel. If your vehicle has a floor mounted console, you will also need to remove it. All of these parts will either be screwed in place or held in with clips. Once all the parts are removed, removing your old carpeting should relatively easy. You can now begin the process of installing your new carpet by laying it flat over the floor pans. You should work out all the bumps and wrinkles and do any trimming or cut out any holes that are required. When re-installing your seats and seatbelts please insure all that parts are properly secured.

By replacing your car or trucks carpet, not only will you be giving your vehicles interior a clean new look, but you will also be increasing its value. With Car Parts Discount's low prices and wide selection of parts, we make replacing your interior carpet but easy and affordable.

We all take pride in the appearance or our cars, trucks and SUV's inside and out and that is why worn interior carpet needs replacement. Worn or torn carpeting will depreciate a vehicle's value a lot more that the cost to replace it. It is by far the most abused interior component in a vehicle exposed to water, mud, and snow. Worn carpet can really take away from an automobiles appearance and value. Your car is an investment and the interior condition is very important. It becomes saturated with a huge variety of outside elements that are carried in on our foot ware. In this day and age we are always on the go and eat and drink as we commute and spills happen staining the carpeting. The most unappealing occurrence is when odors are retained in the padding and it is impossible to eliminate this without completely removing the padding and carpet. Interior condition of a car, truck, or SUV affects its appearance, trade-in value, and overall worth. A clean well maintained automotive interior provides comfort while traveling for yourself and your passengers and this is very essential. Proper preventive maintenance is required and very important to accomplish this.

Cars and trucks have not always come equipped with interior carpeting. It was first introduced in luxury cars to make them feel more like home and enhance appearance and quality. Then it was discovered that this could increase the comfort level on a vehicle and became the standard for cars. When trucks and SUV's started to become more popular as family vehicles instead of just for work then the concept was extended to them. Now every vehicle that comes off the assembly line has carpet on the floor to enhance the appearance and comfort level.

To properly replace interior carpet in a vehicle you must remove a lot of interior components but the end result is worth it. To accomplish this task correctly you need to remove all the seats to facilitate this process. Then anything that obstructs the access such as moldings and consoles needs to be removed. One of the primary components that secure the carpeting and protect it from damage is the door kick plates and they will have to be removed. It is very important to replace the padding during replacement to complete the procedure properly. In some cases you may need use a scraper to completely remove the padding because you don't want lumps in the new carpeting. After the new padding and carpeting is installed and secured then the rest of the interior can be reinstalled. You will notice that this replacement will greatly enhance the interior's appearance and was well worth the time and effort involved.

When purchasing your replacement interior carpet, quality is the key to accomplishing the best results. You want the new material to be specifically fitted for the car, truck, or SUV that you have or this will create frustrating issues. Car Parts Discount can insure that the parts you purchase from them are quality replacement and meet or exceed all OEM standards. Interior repairs like replacing carpet increase the comfort and value of your automobile and we spend a lot of time in our vehicles.