2005 Honda Odyssey ATP Cabin Air Filter

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Honda Odyssey 2005 Cabin Air Filter, OEM: HA6

Auto Parts Description

ATP Carbon Activated Premium Cabin Air Filters offer the highest level of protection. Outside air flowing thru the vents often contains impurities and even obnoxious odors (like diesel fumes). The ATP Premium Filter has a static electrical charge which traps particles before they enter the passenger compartment. Activated carbon then absorbs obnoxious odors resulting in cleaner air for you and your family.

Vehicle Model Applications

Part Type: Cabin Air Filter
Activated Carbon Filter Upgrades OE Pollen Filter
May Require Purchase Of Filter Compartment Cover

2005 Honda Odyssey

Fits These Vehicles

Honda Odyssey

2005 Honda Odyssey

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ATP Replacement Cabin Filters keep particles where they belong, outside. A static electrical charge has been applied to the filter media. This captures particles like pollen and dust spores so that they don't enter the passenger compartment.



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