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Chevrolet Catalytic Converter

One of the newest additions to the modern exhaust system is the Chevrolet catalytic converter. This is the smog and oxide reduction component that is now mandated to be on every car traveling on today's roads. It is located on the bottom of your Chevrolet on the exhaust system just after the exhaust manifolds and before the mufflers. The inside of the catalytic converter is similar to that of the muffler in part because there are chambers. Unlike the muffler that is hollow, the catalytic converter is filled with platinum pellets. This is the active portion of the component that removes the unwanted material from your exhaust gases and reduces the amount of pollution that exits the exhaust pipe on your Chevrolet. All Chevrolet catalytic converters have to be periodically changed from time to time. This is required since the pellets in its interior become saturated with contaminates and will no longer remove the portions of the exhaust gases they are there to capture. This is generally diagnosed when your Chevrolet is inspected for emissions. Replacement of the catalytic converter is the only solution for passing this requirement set by the government. The cause of premature failure of the catalytic converter is the use of cheap or contaminated fuel being used by the fuel system. This contamination cannot be cleaned from this part, and only replacement will resolve the issue of non-compliance with this set of governmental regulations. A new catalytic converter will not help in the performance of your car; just allow it to be cleared so you can renew your license and/or registration. It will also help to keep the air cleaner that we all require to breath and live.

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