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Dodge Catalytic Converter

The Dodge catalytic converter on your exhaust system is required to be there by federal government regulations. Its only purpose is to remove many of the harmful components in the exhaust gases your engine produces. The catalytic converter on a Dodge is located under the car before the muffler and after the exhaust manifold in your exhaust system. Inside of the catalytic converter are thousands of platinum covered pellets. This is the catalyst that traps the harmful components of the exhaust gases. They are also the components of this auto part that will become saturated and eventually cause the Dodge owner to have this part replaced. There are new and rebuilt Dodge catalytic converters available for purchase as your replacement part. Because they are part of the exhaust system and the use of heat to remove and replace this part is used, most Dodge owners visit an exhaust shop for this type of repair. The catalytic converters will clog over time when the platinum pellets are so covered in unburnt hydrocarbons that they cease to attract any more particulates. The symptoms of this situation are a reduction in both mileage and performance of the engine. Your car or truck will also fail to pass the emission standards set by your state?s mandate for what is permitted to be expelled from the exhaust pipe. Causes for the failure of a catalytic converter will include the time it has been used, as well as the use of potentially contaminated fuel. It is the use of contaminated or cheap fuel that will cut short the life of this required part on your vehicle by a considerable amount of time. The use of this type of fuel will also shorten the life span of your fuel filter.