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One of the many emission control devices is the Ford catalytic converter. This is connected to the exhaust system after the exhaust manifold and before the muffler on your car or truck. US federal government regulations require one to be installed on your vehicle from the factory for it to pass the emission inspection now required in most states and municipalities. The catalytic converter is filled with platinum pellets which are the catalyst in trapping portions of your exhaust and particulate emissions that are shown to be harmful to the environment. In time, the pellets become saturated and the catalytic converter will basically become clogged; impairing the flow of your exhaust gases out the tail pipe of your Ford vehicle. This will rob your car or truck of power which will be noticeable by the driver. In time the engine will no longer run as the clog becomes denser. The replacement of the Ford catalytic converter is the only solution when this clogging occurs. Because it is part of the exhaust system, you would prefer to replace it with a complete assembly which includes the exhaust pipes and mounting flanges. Without that, a welding torch is required to cut your old converter out. For that reason, most owners have this repair job done in an exhaust shop. There are both new and used catalytic converters available for most Ford models; however it is always recommended you install a new one. There is no telling just how much life is left in a used converter, and it would be a shame to have to perform the replacement twice if you do not pass your emissions test. Even before the catalytic converter on your car or truck becomes clogged, it will fail an emission inspection by your state. This is when most Ford owners are informed this device has to be replaced so they can pass testing, get registered, and start driving their vehicle on the road.

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