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Pontiac Catalytic Converter

The cleaning power of the Pontiac Catalytic Converter is how your vehicle can pass the require emissions testing procedure implemented by the US government. Inside of each catalytic converter on your Pontiac are thousands of platinum pellets that are used as the catalyst for the chemical reaction that converts the exhaust gases to a less toxic form.

The Pontiac catalytic converter is in the exhaust system on your vehicle just after the exhaust manifold and before the muffler. As the exhaust gases pass through it, the chemical makeup of the gases are changed so the level of toxicity of what exits your system is less harmful to the atmosphere.

Over time the pellets in the catalytic converter will become saturated with contaminates and no longer capable of providing the necessary catalyst for the reaction to occur. This is when the replacement of the catalytic converter will be required for your Pontiac to pass the emissions test.

The replacement of the catalytic converter can be with a new component or one that has been refurbished. Both of them will have new platinum pellets on the interior. The only difference is the housing unit of the refurbished one will have been used before on another vehicle. Both of them will still be capable of providing the environment for the chemical reaction of the exhaust gases to be possible.

The catalytic converter can also go bad and become clogged if contaminated gasoline is used in the vehicle. This is a rare occurrence but has been known to happen when the source has not been properly purified to meet the new standards required by US vehicles. When this happens to your Pontiac, the engine will not be able to operate efficiently because of the obstruction in your exhaust system and replacement is the only solution.

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