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The cleaning power of the Toyota catalytic converter is one of the reasons this vehicle can be legally and safely driven on the roads today. This component is part of the exhaust system located under your vehicle just after the exhaust manifold but before the muffler. The mechanism in the way the Toyota catalytic converter removes the harmful components in the exhaust gases is through passive action. Inside of the catalytic converter are thousands of pellets that are coated with platinum and other precious metals. This is the catalyst that traps the harmful molecules that your internal combustion engine produces. Over time these pellets in the catalytic converter on your Toyota will become saturated and will need to be replaced or the flow of exhaust will be reduced along with its inability to perform its cleaning action. Another problem Toyota owners have encountered is when they use what is referred to as bad gas. This also saturates the pellets in the catalytic converter making the effectiveness of the pelts ability to trap the harmful gases ineffective. This gas could actually cause the plugging of the converter in your exhaust system that will not allow enough exhaust gas to flow for your engine to operate. When either of these conditions occur on your Toyota, the only solution is to have the catalytic converter replaced. This can be with a new auto part or one that has been refurbished with new platinum pellets. This type of repair is generally done at an exhaust shop, but they do not always have the correct replacement part in stock. This is why many vehicle owners purchase the correct component before visiting the shop to have it installed on their vehicle.

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