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The most likely reason you'd replace your vehicle center console is because of wear over time, or some part of it broke due to misuse or wear. It's not a mechanical component, so replacing it isn't terribly critical in terms of safety or being able to drive the vehicle. It can be a nuisance though if you really would like to store something under the lid and it doesn't latch properly, or is missing altogether. Another location that receives lots of wear besides the lid is near the cup holders and the shift lever, if it's located in the center console and not on the steering column. Constantly placing cups, bottles, and whatever other small objects into the cup holders and change recesses will eventually wear in those areas. You may notice discoloration, thin spots, and maybe even cracks. If there is cracks near the shift lever, that could allow dirt and debris to penetrate into the shift lever mechanism and cause more problems. Although replacing the center console isn't typically an emergency situation, to have use of all its features and be sure all of its parts work properly, it's a good idea to replace it whenever the need arises.

Your vehicle's center console is designed to be ergonomic and functional since it's a piece that you'll be using to store things and usually rest your arm on depending on your driving style. It usually consists of a large section between the seats to hold larger items such as power cables, disc cases, documents, etc. Above that, there's sometimes a small portion just under the lid. The lid is where some people like to rest their arm while driving, so it's usually made with a plush material. In the front of the center console is usually some cup holders and then a shift lever and/or parking brake lever.

Replacing a center console isn't an easy task. As with most interior parts, the majority of the attachment points are probably hidden from view, under the carpet, or other plastic components. Below are some very basic instructions for replacing it.

  • Remove the front seats or seat from the vehicle.
  • Remove any molding or trim pieces.
  • If it's attached to a bench seat, it'll be much easier to replace than one attached over the center of the floor. Remove the center console from the vehicle. You may need to lift up the carpet or other plastic area around the floor to access the bolts or attachment points.
  • Replace it with the new one exactly as you took it out.
  • Reattach the moldings or other trim pieces.
  • Reinstall the seats and or seat into the vehicle.

Not only will replacing the center console in your vehicle provide a new, fresh look to the inside of your car, you'll also have the function back of portions of it that may have failed, broke, or simply wore out. Properly affixing this part will provide years of comfort and functionality to our vehicle, allowing you a place to hold your drinks while cruising down the road, and safely storing your valuables. Car Parts Discount sells center consoles for a variety of vehicles at the lowest prices possible. To check if we have a center console for your vehicle, enter your vehicle information at the top of the page and browse under the Interior category.