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Chevrolet C10 Suburban Parts

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Continuing its tradition of wagon-body-on-truck-frame, the Suburban rolled into its 6th generation in 1960 with an all new model lineup. Chevrolet would now designate all rear wheel drive vehicles as "C" option, and four wheel drive vehicles as "K" option. The numbers "10", "20", or "30" were attached to denote the payload capacity of half-ton, three-quarter-ton, or one-ton respectively. This naming convention would continue all the way through to 1986. The C10 would be Chevrolet's entry level Suburban offering, sporting a rear wheel drive train with a half-ton capacity. Depending on the year, engines ranged anywhere from an underpowered straight six-cylinder engine to big V8's - all of which were bad on fuel economy. But that's no surprise for a vehicle that weighs over 5,000-lbs. Fortunately for Chevrolet factories, dealerships, and owners, Chevrolet C10 Suburban parts were shared across many other truck and SUV/wagon models. This made (and continues to make) finding replacement and repair parts easy and relatively inexpensive.