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Before the Chevrolet S10 came along in 1982, the only compact pickup options to the US market were Japanese pickups. The biggest manufacturers were Toyota and Nissan. Even the Chevy LUV (75-82) was a rebadged Isuzu. But GM broke the mold on American compact pickups with the S10. Many of the first generation Chevrolet S10 parts were pulled from other GM vehicles, and virtually all were the same as on the GMC S-15 (except for the front grille, tailgate, and emblems). Still, the first generation was enormously popular and spawned several performance and off-road variations. When the second generation appeared in 1994, the reception was not quite as warm since the Ford Ranger was now competing in the market. Enthusiastic owners will site a rivalry between Ford and Chevy, and many creative stickers can be seen on the rear windows and bumpers of these trucks.