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For nearly 60 years, the Chrysler New Yorker was the automaker's premium nameplate and often flagship vehicle. It was almost always placed in the middle of the full-size sedan market, above the offerings from Chevrolet and Ford, but below Lincoln and Cadillac. The list of standard and optional equipment (from powerful engines to technology and amenities) was always very appealing to US buyers, thus contributing to the longevity of the brand. The early 50's New Yorker models were popular with hot rodders who enjoyed working on the Hemi engine. The 60's New Yorker was very stately and luxurious. The 70's New Yorker grew to be quite a large, as the wheelbase exceeded 10ft. and the chassis was almost 20ft. long. No matter the production year, literally tens of thousands were made; so finding Chrysler New Yorker parts online to fix or repair your car is easy. Fun fact: the Chrysler New Yorker was the longest continuously produced nameplate in the US.