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The location of the Buick coil spring is on the front of rear wheel drive cars and on the rear of front wheel drive cars. This is the actual part of the suspension that smoothes the ride of the passenger cabin when traversing rough or uneven terrain. It is also the part the replaced the old style leaf springs that were used in the past. The coil springs are easy to recognize because their name is descriptive of their visual appearance. The upper portion of this part is attached to the frame of the car while the bottom is connected to the wheel. This potion allows the coil spring to absorb the impact of a hole or rock when the wheel travels across one. For your Buick and any other make of car, the stiffer the spring is, the rougher the ride but the better the handling of the car will be around corners. For the most part the Buick coil springs that your vehicle comes from the factory with can last the life time of your car. Reasons for the coil spring to be replaced include if the owner of the Buick desires a different ride to improve the comfort level of the drive or performance of the vehicle. An obvious reason for the coil spring to be replaced on your Buick is if it was involved in an accident where this suspension part was damaged. The coil spring on your vehicle does not require any maintenance and should never wear out. The up and down motion created by this part is controlled by the shock absorbers that do wear out in time.

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