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Buick Connecting Rod Bearing

There is a Buick Connecting Rod Bearing for each cylinder your vehicle has in its engine. This is the contact point for the power being generated by the explosion in the combustion chamber to be transferred to the crankshaft with the minimum amount of friction as possible.

When a connecting rod bearing fails in your Buick engine, a deep knocking sound can be heard coming from it. The more pronounce the knock, the greater the level of damage is being done by this failing bearing in your engine.

The replacement of the Buick connecting rod bearing required not only that the connecting rod and piston be pulled from the engine and measured, but also the crankshaft where it is connected. This measurement is accomplished with a micrometer that measures down to the thousandths of an inch.

The proper clearance for your Buick engine can be found in the service manual. Once the measurements have been made and the correct clearance is known the right connecting rod bearing can be purchased. If you are replacing more than one connecting rod bearing, then the measurements will also have to be done on each of them. Each connecting rod will be slightly different and require an individual measurement so the correct clearance on the crankshaft can be obtained. If the clearance on the crankshaft is too small, not only will the oil not be able to flow through it lubricating the components but it will overheat and seize to the crankshaft. If the clearance is too great you are back to a knocking connecting rod.

The attention to detail the replacement of a connecting rod bearing on your Buick requires is great. While the owner of the vehicle can complete this procedure, most rely on the people at a machine shop who can guarantee their work.

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