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Chevrolet Connecting Rod Bearing

There is a Chevrolet Connecting Rod Bearing for each piston in the engine of your vehicle. This is the metal engine component that is in-between the connecting rod and the crankshaft in the engine.

The connecting rod bearings are not an engine component that can just be ordered by name, model and type of engine. The engine rebuilder must also know the clearance they require for this engine component to be fitted properly in place. This can be known with the use of a micrometer and the measuring of the crankshaft.

If the clearance of the connecting rod bearing is too great, the bearing will wear and not allow for the engine to run in an efficient manner. If the connecting rod bearing is too tight, the bearing itself will overheat, causing damage to the crankshaft and possibility other engine components in your Chevrolet.

To help ensure you have the correct components, a Plastigauge is used. This is a small polymer strip that is used to measure the clearance of the bearing and the crankshaft. With the Plastigauge in place the bearing has to be torque down to the proper specification, then removed. The amount of spreading of the plexigauge can then be measured to determine the actual clearance between the two surfaces. This measurement can then be checked against the specifications for this engine component provided by Chevrolet.

The diagnosis of a faulty Chevrolet connecting rod bearing takes a trained ear to detect. By listening to the engine in the lower section with the use of a metal rod, the sounds emanating from it should be observed. If a low thumping sound is hear, it is generally a faulty connecting rod bearing. If only a high pitched ticking sound is heard, that sound is coming from the valve train of your Chevrolet.

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