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Ford Connecting Rod Bearing

The ability of the Ford connecting rod bearing to provide clearance for the crankshaft so it can spin at a high rate of speed without causing damage is why the material it is made from is used. This material is a metal but is slightly softer than what the crankshaft is made from. The connecting rod bearings on your Ford engine are located between the crankshaft journal and the rod arm and cap. This allows for the entire surface area of the crankshaft to come in direct contact with it when it is rotating inside of the engine. The connecting rod bearings not only provide for the surface area to make contact with the crankshaft but there are also small portals in it. This is how the oil enters and lubricates this very small space. Without these small channels for the oil to flow, the Ford connecting rod bearing and the crankshaft would seize together from the heat that is generated very quickly. For each cylinder in the Ford engine under the hood of your vehicle is one connecting rod bearing set. This includes both the upper and lower bearings so the circumference of the rod journal can be covered. If one of these connecting rod bearings wears then it will begin to make a thumping sound when the engine is running. This is a deeper and heavier noise that what the valve train makes when an inspector is listening to the sounds of the engine. If this sound is heard coming from your Ford engine it is only a matter of time before it will seize up. In either instance the engine will have to be rebuilt with new bearings installed.

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