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Oldsmobile Connecting Rod Bearing

The Oldsmobile Connecting Rod Bearings are the place where the force from the piston is transferred to the crankshaft in a positive manner. It is the connecting rod bearings that withstand the stress of the explosion and still are able to maintain the correct clearance in the crankshaft so it can spin at a high rate of speed.

Just like the main bearings on your Oldsmobile, the connecting rod bearings are fitted into place once the crankshaft has been measured. This is required because of the tight tolerances needed for this engine component to operate as it was designed too. This measurement of the crankshaft has to be carried out with a micrometer. Eyeballing it with a ruler can not ever be used for acquiring this measurement.

There is a connecting rod bearing for each cylinder in your Oldsmobile. Each one will be slightly different in its thickness so you will have many different measurements that will have to be made. If this measure is off by just a little, the Oldsmobile connecting rod bearing either seizes up or begins to knock. In either event, a new one would have to be put in its place.

Because of the tight specifications required for replacing the connecting rod bearings, most Oldsmobile owner leave this procedure to a technician at a machine shop. They have the expertise in this type of engine components and can guarantee their work is done correctly. The correct clearance will allow for oil to enter the bearing lubricating it and the crankshaft while still holding the connecting rod firmly in place on the crankshaft. The difference between the bearings in your engine will be in the thousands of an inch.

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