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Buick Control Arm Bushing

A Buick control arm bushing is a gourmet made out of a special polymer that resists cracking, splitting and wear. There is no schedule you can place on the replacing of this suspension part because of the nature of it. The control arm bushing's life expectancy is determined by the driving patterns of the vehicles operator and the weather conditions the car experiences. These can be year round or seasonal changes. The conditions that will adversely affect the life span of your control arm bushing on you Buick include the cold, heat, salt and exposure to solvents. The more aggressive the operator of the Buick is will also help in prematurely wearing out of this suspension part if it is done on a regular basis. The Buick control arm bushings are used to help hold the bottom of the spindle in place so the forward and backward movement of the wheel is limited to 1% or less. If while operating your car around a corner and you feel it not as tight in the steering as it had been in the past, the control arm bushing might be wearing out. To make sure this is the case a qualified technician should inspect your vehicle. The replacement of these parts can only occur with the car lifted up so the pressure on this suspension part is released. The cost of replacing the control arm bushings is not much, but the effect of new ones on your Buick will be noticeable, especially if they present ones are extremely worn out. The biggest danger of not replacing this support part of your suspension system is the loss of control of your vehicle when traveling down the road or going around a corner.

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