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Dodge Control Arm Bushing

The Dodge control arm bushing on your car is part of the suspension system and has to be in proper working order to keep your vehicle under control when turning and traveling down the road. These are the rubber components that prevent the metal to metal contact in the front part of your suspension system. The control arm bushings on your model of Dodge are located on each spindle of your front wheels and to the frame. They are what permit the control arm to have contact without the metal to metal grinding noise you would otherwise hear. If there is play in this part greater than 1/8" then the control arm bushing should be inspected for cracks or splitting. If those are present, replacement is highly recommended. Failure to do this could result in the loss of control of the car causing an off road excursion. The effects of worn out control arm bushings is the increase in movement of your front wheels forward and backwards on your Dodge. This can be felt in the steering wheel with a shakiness at higher speeds. If the Dodge control arm bushings are faulty and not replaced, control over the vehicle at higher speeds might be lost and an accident could occur. The replacement of the control arm bushings can be accomplished by the owner of the vehicle. The car must be up on jacks or stands so the weight of the vehicle is off the suspension parts before they can be easily removed. Once replaced on your Dodge, the handling and stability of your car will return, which will mostly be noticed at higher speeds.

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