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Ford Control Arm Bushing

The Ford control arm bushing is what prevents the metal to metal contact of the control arm and the frame of your vehicle. This suspension part is made out of a polymer and will wear, split, or crack over time due to the stress it encounters over the lifetime of your vehicle. When the ball joint at one end of the control arm wears, the stress on the control arm bushing is increased causing it to wear faster than normal on your Ford vehicle. If the owner of the vehicle can grab the control arm and the play is in an excess of 1/8" at the connection where the control arm bushing is bolted to the frame, replacement is warranted. There is a Ford control arm bushing on each of the control arms on the front of your car or truck. If one is worn to the point that it requires replacement, the others should also be inspected and in most instances replaced as well. There could be a total of four to eight control arm bushings on Ford vehicles that include two upper and two lower control arms. The driver can suspect they have worn control arm bushings because of a metal to metal contact noise coming from the front of the vehicle when driving. The purpose of this polymer grommet is to prevent this contact. The driver will also experience the feeling of less control over the vehicle when driving down the road by having excessive play in the steering wheel. The replacement of this suspension part can be done by the owner of the Ford vehicle if they have a press and know how to use it. This repair should only be done when the car or truck is securely lifted onto jack stands used to prevent any injuries to the owner when under the vehicle.

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