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The polymer components of the Honda control arm bushing are the suspension parts that will wear out on your vehicle. This is the nature of this polymer component and will occur over the lifetime of your vehicle. The control arm bushings are in place to cushion the contact between the control arm and the frame of your Honda. This makes it possible for a solid connection without any noise of the metal to metal contact that would occur otherwise. The inspection of the control arm bushings can happen when the car is on the pavement or while it is suspended in the air. By looking at the area just behind the wheel where the control arm is connected to the frame, the control arm bushing can be seen. The inspector can grab the control arm and also see if there is any play in this connection. If the control arm bushing is cracked or missing it will explain the banging noise heard from the front wheel when the car is traveling down the road. Both sides of your Honda should be checked. If just one side appears to be bad and in need of replacing it is recommended that the other side also be change since both suspension components have the same amount of time and wear on them. The Honda control arm bushings are simple to replace once the vehicle is on a lift and the wheels are suspended in the air. The time required is generally less than 10 minutes per side as long as you have a press. Once completed the lateral movement of the front wheels will not be as great and there will be no banging noise generated from the metal to metal contact of the control arm with the frame of your Honda. The control arm bushings are inexpensive but play an important role in helping the drive to control the direction the vehicle travels in.