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Plymouth Control Arm Bushing

The polymer makeup of the Plymouth Control Arm Bushing provides this suspension component with flexibility. It is also the weak portion in this area of the suspension system that will need replacing periodically on your Plymouth.

The control arm bushing is located in the front wheel assembly as the bottom support contact point for the suspension system. The other end of the control arm is mounted to the frame of the vehicle. There are two ways the control arm bushing can be inspected. A visual inspection will be by just looking for any pieces missing or cracks and splits in the polymer itself. If any are present in the Plymouth control arm bushing, it is advisable this suspension component should be replaced.

The second manner in which the control arm bushing can be inspected is to grasps the control arm an attempt to move it. This should be done when the Plymouth is lifted into the air with no weight on the wheels. The movement will be from the hole in the middle of the polymer section that has become enlarged. This enlargement might not be noticeable with the visual inspection.

If during either type of the described inspections there is a faulty part found then both of the front control arm bushings on your vehicle should be replaced. It is the control arms responsibility to control the lateral movement of the wheel. If its bushing is faulty then the handling on your Plymouth will be negatively affected. This is the only way to restore the handling ability of your vehicle back to what it was like when it was new and just rolled off of the assembly line.

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