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Your Acura control arm is an all important suspension component. This is also called the A-arm and is the Acura's suspension piece that connects the chassis to the hub of the wheel. Because of the changes to the suspension of your Acura model from year to year and the number of different models, there is a need for dozens of different types of control arms that are currently available today.

Most car owners know of the control arm since the introduction of the MacPherson strut of their independent front suspension unit being placed on their car. This is the part of the suspension that prevents the strut from moving forward or backwards as your car moves down the road and is generally located on the bottom of the strut. This is an improvement over the old fashioned wishbone used on most rear wheel drive cars that have 2 degrees of play while the MacPherson Struts with a control arm only permit 1 degree of play.

The quality control arm parts made for the Acura are manufactured by Meyle, Beck Arnely, Moog, and Raybestos to name a few of the top suppliers. The years covered for your car are from 1986 to the current model year.

Select Your ModelA properly functioning suspension will help your car maneuver around corners better and give the overall ride feel smoother when traveling straight down the highway. They can be damaged when a curb is hit or on another type of off road incursion. Under normal conditions only the bushing wears out which for some models can be replaced separately. You local auto parts dealer can help inform you just which Acura control arm you need for a smoother ride.

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