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GMC P35 Control Arm

Why you drive your P35.

Select Your VehicleAnyone who operates a GMC knows that when it comes to maintaining their vehicle only the highest quality replacement parts will do. Auto enthusiasts appreciate the a brand you can trust built into each GMC, and know that only top quality repair P35 parts will suffice when repairs are needed. Obviously, you didn't buy your P35 unless you knew that you wanted performance and rugged design both rolled up into one vehicle. You picked your P35 because its dependability and trusted quality agreed with your nature; so why would you be okay with anything but the best when it comes to the highest quality auto parts?

Why Control Arm replacement is so important.

The handling of your GMC P35 is the result of an evolved suspension. A key ingredient for optimum stability is a good control arm. All modern vehicles have independent front suspension, which means that control arms give way for each wheel to travel vertically as it needs to. Now that beam axles are gone, so are king pins. So your GMC P35 control arms have ball joints that allow the steering knuckle to pivot.

What CPD has to make it special.

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