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The Hyundai control arm is the device that prevents lateral movement of their front wheels while maintaining vertical travel so better control of the vehicle is maintained. This is considered a suspension component but unless it is working properly the steering of your Hyundai will be adversely effected.

The control arm on your Hyundai is located near each of the front wheels on the lower section of the steering components of the wheel hub. It is also connected to the frame of the vehicle. When the Hyundai control arm becomes worn, it can be felt in the way the steering responds as if it was sluggish. There can also be a clanking noise emanating from the front wheels. This is the metal to metal contact now present because of the worn out polymer grommet located on its ends.

The owner of the vehicle can do a visual inspection of the control arm and determine if this suspension component is in need of being replaced. This is accomplished by taking the weight off of the suspension by lifting the car into the air, and then grabbing the wheel with their hand to determine if there is any play in it. If the car owner can move the control arm then replacement is warranted. If one side is worn, then the replacement of the one on the other front wheel should also be done at the same time. With simple tools the Hyundai owner can accomplish this easy repair in a short period of time.

Select Your ModelWith new control arms in place the driver will notice a better responsive and handle vehicle when traveling down the road. This makes it possible for them to react better to any situation they might encounter while on the roads of America.

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