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Convertible Top Hydraulic Cylinder

Aftermarket & OEM Convertible Top Hydraulic Cylinder

Convertible tops used to be manually operated. On smaller cars this was easy, but larger ones often required a heavy hand to get the roof into place. The power tops have made it much easier to open and close the roofs at the touch of a button. This convenience comes at the cost of several convertible top hydraulic cylinders to power the top. These hydraulic devices work to move the top up and down. If the top is not moving or seems to be moving too slow, it may be because of a failure in one or more of these cylinders. The car probably has several of them. If is important to change these as soon as possible, because it may be impossible to close the roof on your vehicle. You can be assured that this will happen at the worst moment, usually when it starts raining.

These convertible top hydraulic cylinders are particularly common in high-end vehicles, especially cars with power folding hardtops. The power hardtop have really become popular in the last two decades with Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and even Ferrari offering some type of power folding hardtop. Even roadsters with soft tops have used the cylinders however. Installing and changing them can be a complex and expensive task that may involve removing the interiors panels to gain access to the parts. Installation is recommended for experienced mechanics.

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