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Aftermarket & OEM Coolant Hose Flange

When your car, truck, or SUV has a coolant leak causing the motor to overheat a defective coolant hose flange may be the cause of this malfunction. In some situations you may smell the coolant burning because it has a very distinct smell that most people recognize immediately. You should conduct a thorough inspection of the coolant system to pin point the source. If a problem is the flange it must be replaced immediately to prevent more serious issues. One of the most encountered problems created due to engine overheating is a blown head gasket. Overheating can also ruin a motor if allowed to persist so replacing a coolant hose flange is a simple procedure compared to what could develop if not attended to.

Coolant hose flanges have multiple purposes within the coolant system and are vital to its proper function. They direct the coolant from the motor to the radiator by facilitating a connection for the radiator hose to accomplish this process. They may also house the thermostat in some applications for cooling system operation. In some situations the flange may have ports where temperature sensors or switches are installed to monitor the cooling system and alert safety devices. The coolant hose flange will normally provide the angle required to direct the hose appropriately to eliminate the possibility of the hose kinking restricting coolant flow.

Coolant hose flanges are relatively easy to change after you remove any obstacles or other components to gain access to it. If the flange houses the thermostat this is a perfect opportunity to replace it while it is already accessible. After reassembling everything make sure you add antifreeze to the cold level and perform a leak check and then recheck coolant level after the engine cools down.

When purchasing replacement parts for the cooling system such as a coolant hose flange you must purchase parts that you can depend on. When completing repairs on our vehicles it is so important to use quality OEM parts like you will find at Car Parts Discount's huge online store. All replacement parts must contain the quality we can depend on to keep our cars and trucks on the road.