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Reinforced polymer is what the Acura Radiator and Coolant Hoses are made from. This is a polymer with fibers woven into them so the walls of the radiator and coolant hoses will be stronger and be capable of lasting longer under the harsh condition in your engine compartment.

Of the radiator and coolant hoses, it is the radiator or upper coolant hose that is put through the highest level of stress. It is mounted to the thermostat housing on the engine block and is the conduit in which the hot coolant leaves the engine block and enters the radiator on your Acura. In time this heat will weaken the radiator and coolant hoses causing the reinforced polymer to give.

The weakening of the Acura radiator and coolant hoses can be visually observed by the owner when they look at the hoses themselves. When the circumference of the hoses begins to increase the thickness in the walls of the hoses decreases causing them to weaken and lose their structural integrity. This effect is called the ballooning of the hoses. The most common location for this ballooning to occur is where the hoses are joined to the engine block and radiator. These are the locations where a pin hole can and will develop on your Acura.

To verify a leak in the coolant system it has to be under the highest possible pressure. This high pressure situation occurs every time the hot engine is turned off. If you suspect a radiator or coolant hoses is leaking, just after you turn your engine off is the time to inspect under the hood of your Acura and look for a coolant leak that will appear as a fountain until the pressure in the system subsided.