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The replacing of the Buick radiator and coolant hoses should be included on the periodic maintenance schedule for this make of car on the road today. Just like the original part on the vehicle from the factory, the replacement coolant hoses are made of a long lasting polymer with reinforcement in the walls. For the lower intake hose, there is additional reinforcement of a wire coil in the hose to help keep the hose open and coolant flowing even with the suction pressure from the water pump being applied to it. As a responsible owner of a Buick, knowing what to look for during an inspection of all of the radiator or coolant hoses is important even before a leak occurs. Unless there is a structural failure of the hose from the factory, the most common place for a leak of a Buick radiator and coolant hose is at the joint where it is connected to the engine or the radiator. The end of the hoses can become bloated from the excessive heat from the metal tube transfer to it. This bloating can be seen by the diameter of the hose increasing and the outside texture of the polymer becoming softer. This is the place a radiator and coolant hose will fail and spring a leak if this auto part is not replaced on your Buick. If there is a section of a radiator hose that has any type of bloating, not only should it be replaced on your Buick, but serious consideration in replacing all of the hoses should be thought about. It is better to replace the hoses while the car is parked in the garage than while it is on the road.