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Every Cadillac radiator and coolant hose on your car is made only to transfer the hot coolant away from the engine so it can be dissipated into the surrounding atmosphere. This is a closed system and any type or size of leak should be immediately addressed by the owner of the car. Identifying a leak from a radiator or coolant hose on your Cadillac can be easily done by the owner. This closed system will have the largest amount of pressure in it just after the engine is shut off. With the engine still hot, raise the hood and look for any coolant that might be spraying out of the connections of all the coolant hoses in the cooling system. Puddles of green or red coolant under your Cadillac will also indicate there is a coolant leak in your system. If you decide to inspect your Cadillac's radiator and coolant hoses when the engine is cool, you need to look for residue that the coolant will leave behind after the moisture has evaporated. The connections of the radiator and coolant hoses are a prime place for a leak to occur. These are also the places where a future leak can be spotted before there is a problem. The most common problem is the swelling of the hoses at a connection in which the walls of the hoses are becoming thinner and its integrity of the hose is weakening. This is a place of a future coolant leak if not addressed appropriately in a timely manner. The purpose of the radiator and coolant hoses on your Cadillac is to provide a closed loop system for your coolant so your engine will operate within an optimum temperature range for peak performance. Any leak in this system will compromise this function and could cause a failure of your car to operate properly.