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The Chevrolet radiator and coolant hose are the parts that remove the heat from your engine so it can perform at its optimum level. If there is even the smallest leak in this cooling system, your Chevrolet will overheat once the coolant levels drop sufficiently. The easiest way to spot a leak from a coolant hoses is to inspect your Chevrolet's engine compartment just after the engine is turned off. This is the time when the greatest amount of pressure is in this closed loop system. Any leak, including the smallest one, would be seen to be like a small fountain spraying coolant. Steam could also be seen if it is hitting a hot engine part. The reason for the Chevrolet radiator and hoses could leak over time is likely because of bad maintenance of the vehicle. The coolant fluid should be replaced annually which will reduce the possibility of corrosion on the inside of the radiator and help lubricate the hoses so wear is minimized. If your coolant level is low, a Chevrolet owner can also inspect the radiator hoses when the engine is cool. What should be looked for is a crusty buildup close to the same color of the coolant, either green or red. The connecting points of the radiator and coolant hoses are the most often place a leak can be found. Puddles of coolant under the car when it is parked are generally the first indication an owner has that they have a coolant leak. The replacement of a radiator or coolant hose is just part of car ownership. They are required parts of your vehicle for the engine to operate and they will wear out over time. Catching a leak before any damage occurs is the best way to minimize the repair costs.