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The Chrysler radiator and coolant hoses are the paths the coolant takes to transfer the heat from the engine to the radiator so it can be properly cooled. In time they do wear out and could spring a leak which will require them to be replaced. Connecting your Chrysler engine to the radiator are two radiator hoses. One is for providing the coolant to the engine and is connected to the water pump from the bottom of the radiator. The second is the return hoses from the top of the engine to the top of the radiator. The engine's coolant hoses are made out of a reinforced polymer that will remain flexible over its lifetime. The most common places for the leaks to occur from a radiator or coolant hose would be at the connections to the radiator and to the Chrysler engine. The leading reason for the Chrysler radiator or coolant hoses to fail and leak is due the heat these polymer components have to withstand over their lifetime. In time the reinforced polymer weakens and can balloon outwards. This is when the walls of the hoses thin out and a leak can rupture through and a leak of coolant can occur. The inspection of the radiator and coolant hoses on your Chrysler should be done when the motor is hot and just turned off. The reason for this is when the engine is first turned off; the temperature in the cooling system will increase, building additional pressure on the system. This additional force will show a coolant leak not matter how small it may be clearly by producing a fountain type effect. If this is seen, then replacement is required to prevent engine damage.