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Dodge Radiator & Coolant Hose

The Dodge radiator and coolant hoses form the paths your coolant takes so that the heat is transferred away from your engine; keeping it operating without becoming overheated. These are simple components but vital for the operation of your vehicle. The radiator hoses are connected to the radiator and the engine. The top hose is the return flow of the coolant from the thermostat and the bottom hose is the supply for your Dodge power plant to the water pump. It is at the connection where the polymer hoses are fitted to the metal ports where a majority of the leaks occur in this type of component. This occurs due the additional heat in these areas being applied to the radiator and coolant hoses. A ballooning effect can be seen when the walls of these hoses become thin and malleable. If your Dodge radiator and coolant hoses do spring a leak, it can be most easily seen when there is the greatest level of pressure in your coolant system. This is the period directly following the Dodge engine being turned off. At that time, any leak in the coolant hoses will appear as a small fountain spraying from the hole and be very easy to locate. This inspection has to occur very quickly since the leak is relieving the pressure, and pretty soon the leak will not spray any coolant to see... just steam. The replacement of radiator or coolant hoses is a simple procedure and can be done by the Dodge owner. The first step would be to allow the engine to cool. Once there is no pressure on the system, the hose connections should be twisted to loosen the polymer from the metal connection before any attempt to pull them off is made. Then the new radiator or coolant hose can be put into place and the system refilled with coolant and water.