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Ford Radiator & Coolant Hose

The Ford radiator and coolant hoses make it possible for the engine to maintain a constant operating temperature so it can function at its optimum level of efficiency. The upper and lower radiator hoses transfer the heat from the engine to the radiator and return it to the engine after it is cooled. This allows for a constant and continuous flow of coolant in the engine which must be maintained. When a leak occurs in a Ford radiator or coolant hose, the engine could overheat and cause an engine failure. A typical place where a coolant hose might rupture on your Ford is near the metal portals on the radiator and engine where they are connected. The reason for this is at these locations, the heat being absorbed by the polymer material of the radiator and coolant hoses is at its greatest. Over time this heat causes the polymer to become thin, loose, and stretchy. This is called a ballooning effect and is the location where a leak will occur on your Ford. An effective manner in which the coolant system can be tested for a leak is done by inspecting the radiator and coolant hoses immediately after the engine is shut off. Since the coolant flow has stopped, the temperature will rise causing an increase in pressure in the system. This increased pressure will make any leak to appear as a fountain in the system which should be very easy to locate and identify. A Ford owner might also observer a coolant leak by looking on the pavement where the car or truck is parked. The color of coolant fluid can be bright green or red in appearance.

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