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GMC Radiator & Coolant Hose

There is nothing more feared than a leak in a GMC radiator or coolant hose when driving across the desert or other remote area. As seen in the movies, the vehicle will just come to a stop and no longer be able to move forward. To help prevent this situation from occurring, an inspection of the radiator and coolant hoses should be done periodically on your GMC truck. The GMC radiator and coolant hoses are made out of a reinforced polymer and are built to last; but not indefinitely. The heat of the coolant that flows through them will weaken their integrity in time. A typical weak point is anywhere the radiator hose is making contact with hot metal. This can be any place the hoses are rubbing up against the engine or at the entry portals they are connected too. This is at both at the engine and the radiator itself on your GMC truck. At these points of contact with hot metal the exterior of a coolant hose will be weakened over time. This will cause the areas just beyond these connections to increase in size; which thins the walls that seal in the coolant. At the weakest point in this expanded portion of the radiator or coolant hose will eventually form a leak and cause a loss in the coolant that was maintaining the temperature of the GMC engine. This is when an overheating condition can occur if it goes unnoticed. To help prevent the overheating of your vehicle any and all coolant puddles that form under the vehicle should be immediately investigated so the source of the leak can be located. This way being stuck on the road with an overheated truck can be avoided.

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