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There are Honda radiator and coolant hoses under the hood of your vehicle which are used as the conduits for the transfer of the heat away from your engine. These hoses are made from a polymer that is reinforced to help give them a long life. But like any polymer component, failure is imminent. If given enough time and not enough care, a radiator or coolant hose can develop a leak under normal operating conditions on your Honda. This is the conduit that receives the hot coolant as it is being released by the thermostat from the engine block. It is this heat that causes the polymer structure of the radiator and coolant hoses to wear out over time. If the Honda owner is looking at their engine, this is the upper hose connected to the radiator and engine that can be easily seen. The coolant hose is connected to the bottom of the radiator and is the supply conduit for the water pump inlet. A visual inspection of the Honda radiator and coolant hoses will reveal when failure of one of them is imminent. The circumference of the polymer hoses is the same for its entire length. When a section near one of the connections begins to expand, the polymer in that area of the hose has begun to weaken. This is the most likely place on the radiator or coolant hose where a leak will form. In most instances this will only be a pinhole. Locating the tiny leak on the radiator or coolant hose is easiest when the greatest level of pressure is in your coolant system. This occurs when you turn off your Honda engine and the heat is no longer being dissipated efficiently away from the engine. The leak will then appear as a small fountain that can be seen for about a minute till the pressure subsides.

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