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The only purpose of the Hyundai radiator and coolant hoses is to efficiently transport the coolant between the engine and the radiator so the heat can be dispersed. This is a simple task, but a vitally important one. The leading reason for the coolant hoses to be compromised is due to wear from the heat they are transferring. It is the nature of the polymer they are made out of. Even with the reinforcement built into the polymer, the Hyundai radiator and coolant hoses will become thinner in time as they are exposed to the heat from the engine. This will cause the coolant system to be compromised in terms of springing a leak. An inspection by a Hyundai owner should include the radiator hoses. The specific areas that should be looked at for leaks are anywhere the hoses have contact with hot metal. This will be at the connections of the radiator and engine. The most common connection for a leak on the coolant hoses is at the top hose connection to the radiator. This is the contact point that absorbs the greatest level of heat the engine has generated. On your Hyundai coolant system, the radiator and coolant hoses can leak once the integrity of the hoses is compromised. This is when they begin to expand, thinning the walls of the hose. Once this is noticed on any of the radiator or coolant hoses, it is just a matter of time before a leak occurs. This is what a Hyundai owner should be looking for when they inspect the engine compartment on their weekly check. This way they can catch a situation before it becomes a problem.