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The constant ability of the Jeep Radiator and Coolant Hoses to transport the coolant to and from the hot engine is why the proper operating temperature of the motor can be maintained at all times. The radiator and coolant hoses are made of a special reinforced polymer that is designed to withstand the heat stresses that are placed on it when they are performing their designed task under the hood of your Jeep.

Of the radiator and coolant hoses, it is the radiator hose that will have to endure the largest amount of stress the engine coolant will exert on these transport conduits. This is because the radiator hose is the path used for the exiting of the hot coolant from the engine through the thermostat. If there is an expansion in the radiator or coolant hose, this is a breakdown of the reinforced fibers that make up these polymer components and a positive indication that they should be replaced on your Jeep.

A visual indication of the fibers breaking down usually occurs where the radiator or coolant hose are connected to a metal portal. This can be on the engine or the radiator. This breakdown is the ballooning of the hoses or in other words the expansion of the hose in an isolated region of them. If this condition is noticed then the walls of the Jeep radiator or coolant hoses have become thin and are then prone to developing a leak. This is an undesirable situation for any Jeep owner to experience. They can prevent their vehicle from becoming stranded on the road with a coolant leak by inspecting the hoses and other polymer components in a routine weekly inspection of the auto parts under the hood.