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The Lincoln Radiator and Coolant Hoses are constructed of a tough reinforced polymer tubing that is both flexible and strong. It is the duty of the radiator and coolant hoses to be used as reliable conduits for the movement of the coolant to and from the engine block and radiator on your Lincoln. The radiator and coolant hoses are exposed to temperature extremes when they transport the hot coolant to and from the engine block. In time this takes its toll on them that weakens their structural integrity. This is the reason a breach in their walls might occur when they are in place on your Lincoln engine.

When a breach does occur in the Lincoln radiator or coolant hoses, the loss of coolant will be noticed by the driver because the temperature in the engine will begin to rise. There will also be a puddle of coolant on the pavement below the rupture.

The most common place for this breach to occur in either the radiator or coolant hose is where they are mounted to the engine block or radiator. The owner of the Lincoln should be looking for a section of the polymer hose which has expanded. This is referred too as the ballooning of the hose. Since the diameter of the hose has increased, the thickness of the walls has decreased making these areas susceptible to a leak. The best way to confirm this area is leaking is to start the engine and fill the radiator with fluid. If the leak is not seen clearly shut the engine off. This will allow for the coolant system to build up pressure making the leak in either the radiator or coolant hose easy to identify and pinpoint.