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Nissan Radiator & Coolant Hose

The reinforced walls of the Nissan radiator and coolant hoses are the reason they can withstand drastic temperature variations for an extended period of time. Even with this extra level built into their construction, the coolant hoses will eventually fail in time and leak coolant from the cooling system. The function of a radiator or coolant hose is to provide a sealed set of conduits for the engine coolant to travel between the Nissan engine and the radiator so the temperature inside of the engine can be maintained at a constant level. If a leak is present in a radiator hose, the loss of coolant will negatively impair the cooling system from functioning as intended. If a leak is presents in a Nissan radiator or coolant hose, a puddle of coolant will be visible on the pavement below the vehicle. If this is noticed the exact location of the leak must be identified so the correct part can be replaced. If the leak is suspected to be from a faulty coolant hose, then the inspection should commence immediately after the engine is turned off. This is when the pressure in the cooling system on your Nissan will be at its greatest. The most common location for a leak to occur in either the radiator or coolant hose is where it is joined to the engine. This is because the engine is the source of heat and where the greatest level of stress is being placed on the hoses. The upper radiator connection of the hose is another common place for the walls of the hose to have a leak. When the leak is identified and the part is replaced, it will be safe to drive your Nissan on the road again with no fear of it breaking down while you are on your trip.

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