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The reinforced polymer that the Oldsmobile radiator and coolant hoses are constructed from helps them to last even though they are exposed to extreme temperature variations. These conduits for coolant are approximately 2 inches in diameter, and they provide a means to transport the coolant to and from the engine. The life expectancy of a radiator hose should be at least 5 years or more while they are on your Oldsmobile. While most of them do last longer than that, it is still a good idea to regularly inspect them. This will make it possible to know when they are experiencing excessive wear and can be replaced before a leak occurs in your coolant system. The most common and obvious place for a radiator or coolant hose to leak is where it becomes bloated. This occurs when the reinforced walls begin to weaken and the diameter of the hose expands outward. This thinning of the walls on the Oldsmobile radiator and coolant hoses is the place where a hole will develop if the situation is not addressed by the owner of the vehicle. During an inspection of the coolant hoses under the hood of an Oldsmobile, the best place to look for this condition on one of the hoses is where the radiator hose is attached to the thermostat housing. The reason why it occurs in that place is that is the location where the greatest temperature comes in direct contact with a hose. If this condition is noticed, it is best to replace both the radiator and coolant hoses at the same time to ensure your engine coolant system will have not leaks in it that could cause you to become stranded while traveling in your Oldsmobile.