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The task of the Pontiac radiator and coolant hoses is to transport the coolant to and from the engine. The material that the radiator hoses are made from is an extremely thick polymer with one or more woven layers of Kevlar serving as reinforcement. It is this reinforcement in the walls of their construction that makes it possible for these cooling components to last even when they are subjected to temperature extremes while being used on your Pontiac engine. Even with the reinforcement in the walls of the Pontiac radiator and coolant hoses, the polymer will tend to expand over time. This will make the walls of the coolant hoses thinner and prone to having a hole created in them. It is this hole where the coolant will leak out of the system cause a problem for the Pontiac owner. The thinning of the walls where the radiator hoses expand is most often found where the hoses are connected to the hot portion of the engine. The hottest point is where the upper radiator hose is connected to the water neck or thermostat housing on top of the engine. This is the place where the hot coolant leaves the engine and is transported to the radiator so it can be cooled down and your Pontiac engine's temperature can be kept at a constant level. If a leak from either the radiator or coolant hose is not noticed or repaired, then the availability of coolant to perform its function will no longer be present. This will cause the engine to overheat which will damage the internal components of it. It will also damage the seals and gaskets that contain the many fluids your engine need to operate.