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There are Volkswagen radiator and coolant hoses on all models except the older version of the Beetle and the famous Micro Buses of the past. Those models had air-cooled engines which did not utilize these hoses. The newer Beetles along with the all the other models being made today have a liquid cooling system which use the radiator hoses to transport the coolant to and from the radiator on the vehicle. These Volkswagen coolant hoses are made of a reinforced polymer specifically designed to withstand the extreme temperature variations that are experienced in a cooling system of an internal combustion engine. The radiator and coolant hoses that come with a new Volkswagen will last for many years of service, but eventually will have to be replaced due to the effects the extreme temperatures they will experience. The polymer sidewalls of the hose will begin to expand breaking the reinforcement. When this happens on your Volkswagen, the circumference of the radiator hoses will begin to increase. This is referred to as the ballooning effect of a hose. It is in the area where the ballooning on a radiator or coolant hose happens that a leak is most likely to occur. This is because the sidewalls of the hose have become thin and the coolant can then penetrate it in the weakest area; allowing for coolant to leave your cooling system. To catch this ballooning effect before a leak occurs is one of the reasons a weekly inspection of not only the coolant system hoses but also the drive belts that should be conducted by the owner of the Volkswagen. This will prevent a problem from occurring when the vehicle is on the road and occupied by passengers between destinations.