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Volvo Radiator & Coolant Hose

The reinforced construction of the Volvo radiator and coolant hoses is one of the ways the engineers designed these coolant components to last for many years. This reinforcement is in the form of woven fibers that run the length of the coolant hoses providing additional strength to the hose as a whole. Of all the polymer components on a Volvo engine, it is the radiator hoses that are exposed to the widest range of temperature changes. Their ability to expand and contract as the temperature changes is only possible for a limited time. Eventually, this expansion and contraction will weaken the Volvo radiator and coolant hoses; breaking the reinforcement fibers in its walls. As the walls of the radiator hoses weaken, they begin to expand outward. This increases the circumference of the hoses and decreases the thickness of the walls at the same time. This expansion has to be noticed by the Volvo owner when they are inspecting the components under the hood of their vehicle. This is how a problem with the coolant system can be noticed and rectified before there is a problem with the vehicle while it is in between destination points on the road. If this condition of expanding coolant hoses is not noticed, then the walls of the affected hose will eventually crack and develop a hole in them. This will then be the source of a coolant leak on the vehicle. If this condition on a Volvo goes unnoticed for an extended period of time, the engine could overheat. This will strand the vehicle and its occupants where it occurs until a new hose replaces the one that has developed the leak.

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